Crib Mattress Memory Foam Topper Pad

by admin on September 29, 2011

Memory Foam Crib Mattress TopperMattress toppers are an inexpensive way to recreate the feeling of the more expensive mattresses that are available. It can be a great way to increase the depth of the mattress and increase the comfort for older infants and toddlers that have begun to outgrow the firm mattresses that have been designed for infants.

What should be considered when buying a crib mattress foam topper pad?

First, the parent should compare the materials that are used in the memory foam. Not all memory foam mattresses are created equal and therefore the parent should consider the textiles that are used in the mattress cover, as well as the type of materials that are used to create the memory foam throughout the topper pad.

Considering the thickness of the memory foam mattress can help the parent to determine the right choice. Memory foam pads can range in depth between one inch and six inches, depending on the type of crib mattress topper that had been chosen and the brand that had been chosen from. Parents may want to take into account the design of the crib, and whether the memory foam mattress topper is going to increase the height of the mattress, decreasing the safety of the child that is sleeping in the crib.

Sealy Natural Crib Mattress PadBefore adding a memory foam insert into the crib, parents may want to adjust the height of the crib to a lower level if possible, to ensure that the child is going to remain safe while sleeping (especially if the child is able to stand within the crib).

Foam topper pads that are used in the cribs are a great way to create a higher level within the crib, but they are not often going to be accommodated with traditional crib sheets. For this reason, the parent should look for crib sheets with a higher depth to ensure that the entire mattress is going to be covered.

Alternatively, the parent may wish to use two crib sheets for the crib to avoid the bare mattress showing. The mattress showing will cause it to wear quicker and deteriorate the condition of the mattress.

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